October 3, 2023

Ascendia® to Present at the Upcoming PODD: “Advances in Nanotechnologies for Delivery of Biologics and Small Molecules”

On October 16-17, Ascendia will participate in the Partnership Opportunities in Drug Development (PODD) meeting at the Westin Copley Place in Boston.



By Shaukat Ali, PhD

During the event, Ascendia’s Sr Director of Scientific Affairs and Technical Marketing, Shaukat Ali, PhD, will present some recent advancements in nanotechnologies and other growth initiatives taking place that have shaped up Ascendia Pharmaceuticals. These initiatives have helped Ascendia be an even more valued CDMO and a partner for choice to biological and pharmaceutical companies.


This presentation is unique because Dr. Ali is going to discuss nanotechnology and, as we all know, there has been a lot of progress made in this field over the years – particularly in nanomedicines. Here, we are considering the encapsulation of poorly soluble drugs, where they are fully solubilized and delivered. It's more than just a bit challenging to deliver them orally. There is considerable interest in how we can deliver them as injectables with all these challenges.


LNPs in Biologics and Gene Therapy

Lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) are gaining importance in the biologics and gene therapy within the realm of drug development. When we talk about technology, we're referring to nanotechnology that is cultivated within formulation delivery, which requires the liposomes, the lipid nanoparticles, and polymeric nanoparticles. A whole range of technologies are applicable to these molecules. They are difficult to deliver, but worth the effort, as they are also perfectly suited to target certain diseases.


Beyond the obvious obstacles to entry for any other companies interested in offering these services, there is still a significant of expertise required to cross the barriers before most CDMOs are ready to provide the same expertise to customers as Ascendia. These are some of the most complicated technologies within our industry-, but some are equally promising, in terms of the possibilities they hold. So, it is imperative that formulation specialists step up and move the industry forward… and Ascendia is ready, willing, and able to accept the challenges.


Why Ascendia is the Perfect Group to Lead in Nanotechnologies


Ascendia Pharmaceuticals® is a CDMO specializing in the field of nanotechnologies. We have extensive experience with the platforms involved in identifying and addressing nanotechnologies. These are highly specific, so very few have the experience with, and even few have on-site cMP manufacturing capabilities similar to Ascendia. We have developed patented enabling platforms and processes to produce - results and leads for those facing issues with their drug development projects.


These platforms include the LipidSol®, NanoSol®, EmulSol® and AmorSol®. These platforms are highly applicable for the molecules that are hydrophobic, lipophilic, and especially those molecules that are very difficult to dissolve in certain solvents, making them difficult but promising to deliver effectively. These technologies enable the formulation of those molecules with options to deliver them effectively. They reduce the pill burden, increase the efficacy, and improve the stability of the drug at large.


Our scientists have been in the industry with combined expertise of over 100 years, so we understand the challenges when calls for formulating the molecules and manufacturing of drug candidates. We're using that experience to extend the same level of consistency in services offered and quality to these complicated lipid and polymeric nanoparticle needs.


Who Will Be Most Interested in This Presentation


Drug development professionals who will find this talk most beneficial are those looking for a CDMO partner with the expertise and/or who already utilized and licensed these enabling platforms, and are working with both large and small molecule compounds across all modalities. In other words, they have worked with small molecules, biologics, and are also likely working with polypeptides. These are individuals who have worked with vaccines recently. These specialists work with nucleic acid, and other forms of difficult active ingredients.


Their primary focus will be mostly on how we can deliver their particular biologics. They are looking for licensing and the opportunity to collaborate with organizations, such as Ascendia, who can solve the difficult challenges associated with these issues. They are looking for the expertise in our R&D, the experience we bring as a manufacturer, and our ability to scale up.


Ascendia has the technology in place. We have ISO clean rooms within our cGMP facilities that are able to formulate these molecules, and we offer the solutions being sought after.


Why PODD is the Perfect Event for this Presentation


We believe PODD in Boston is an ideal venue for this presentation. The event is comprised of professionals looking to collaborate and license technology, as well as for organizations that have the expertise, but perhaps cannot do their work in-house, because of a certain lack of expertise and/or technology constraints. They are looking for organizations like Ascendia – and we look forward to the opportunities for mutual collaborations, and seeing you all there!

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