Generic drugs comprise a sizable segment of the overall pharmaceutical marketplace will sales of over $60 billion.  80 percent of all drugs prescribed are generic, and generic drugs are chosen 94 percent of the time when they are available.  Brand-name drug patents typically last about 20 years, and when those patents are up, the ingredients become available to generic manufacturers who then can introduce their own versions of those drugs to the marketplace.  The majority of generic drug products are relatively straightforward to formulate and manufacture.  However, as the innovator drugs become more complex, developing a generic version also becomes complex.


Drug products that utilize solubilization technology, controlled release approaches, or long-acting injectable polymers are examples of complex generic products.  Ascendia’s technologies for working with poorly soluble drugs enables multiple approaches for development bioequivalent versions of brand medicines.  Ascendia also has the capability to formulate long-acting polymer matrix dosage forms suitable for injection.  Partner with Ascendia to develop bioequivalent versions of the complex product types.

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