Peptide & biological formulations are fast becoming an important segment of the pharmaceutical industry. The properties of peptide and protein formulations make them particularly difficult to be formulated. The challenges for peptide and other biological formulations include multiple conformers, tendency of self-association, and complex physical and chemical instability. To solve these problems, Ascendia specializes in reducing oxidation for liquid peptide formulations and slowing hydrolysis through formulation lyophilization techniques. To avoid peptide aggregation, Ascendia modulates the colloidal stability by adjusting solution conditions such as pH, buffer composition, ionic strength, and the application of other excipients.

Ascendia has successfully utilized cyclodextrins to improve the physical stability of peptides by shielding hydrophobic amino acids and delaying the formulation of insoluble aggregation.  For protein formulation development, Ascendia selects non-ionic surfactants and optimizes the surfactant concentrations to reduce interfacial stress and prevent protein denaturation, aggregation, and adsorption loss. Ascendia is also able to utilize numerous strategies for formulation vehicles, such as microemulsions, liposomes, nanoparticles, and microspheres to protect the peptide, protein and other biological formulations against the harsh environment in order to achieve successful drug delivery.

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