April 18, 2023

Ascendia Pharma will be at CPHI North America in Philadelphia – and We Have More Good News to Share with You

Ascendia Pharmaceuticals® will be in Philadelphia for CPHI and sharing major news that will help overcome drug development challenges.

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By Robert Bloder


CPHI North America has been a great spinoff from the CPHI Worldwide conference that is held annually. And I think the folks in the U.S. market really have come to acknowledge this meeting as a core pharmaceutical/biopharma event each calendar year. CPHI North America 2023 is truly “at the heart of pharma” as they claim and will continue the coming out party of sorts for Ascendia Pharmaceuticals, as we have big news to share.


It is not only the diverse skillset draw of their audience (which is a solid one, relative to other more niche type of programs) but also a very nice international mix of companies. CPHI North America is somewhat of a perfect kick-off to the summertime conference season. With so many decision-makers beginning their summer season and many global clients wrapping up their fiscal calendars, CPHI North America is one of the last core opportunities to meet with contacts before they go out of pocket for a bit.


CPHI News from Ascendia

Ascendia Pharmaceuticals is really excited about meeting with people while we're there. As a fast-growing, high-performing specialty CDMO, we have had a lot of news to share lately, such as nearly doubling our New Jersey headquarters and once again being named to the Inc. 5000 rankings of the top private companies in the U.S. There is more happening at Ascendia®, and we are excited to tell everyone at CPHI! We will be showcasing our LipidSol lipid nanoparticle (LNP) technology, as well as showing the manufacturing equipment we now have in place so we can take projects from formulation development through scale up and all the way through commercialization.


As we meet with friends and colleagues over the last quarter or so during previous events like JP Morgan, we have learned this is quite a competitive advantage – and we’ve learned that Ascendia may be one of the only CDMOs in the country to have the technology and equipment that is ready to be utilized at this level.


This should especially be of note to anybody who is interested in LNPs and/or related project(s). Specifically, we are looking to speak with those who have already made a capital commitment to precision nanoparticle early-stage development but who may not have been in a position to move forward with the next set of investments required at the time.


Next Stage of Growth

At Ascendia, we saw it as perfunctory to make these investments because we have established ourselves as an organization on the cutting edge of formulations. We have become the “Partner of Choice” with many customers because of our proficiency of pre-formulation and formulation development. That expertise is where we separate ourselves from others in the CDMO space.


We are ready to have the same commitment and proficiency in manufacturing. Having a portfolio of industry-leading equipment allows for a very smooth and easy transition. It is a logical next step in the approach from formulation to optimization and into commercial supply.


This is the first time we will be truly unveiling this, and we are looking forward to ringing the bell loudly during CPHI to let the world know we have the technologies and manufacturing systems available. Our team of scientists is ready to help. We're ready to roll our sleeves up, and in as little as two weeks, we could be working on your project. We're beginning a new fresh project to get things started in the LNP space – a space that is suddenly quite hot.


For those attending CPHI: We can’t wait to share more info with you about these new systems. Visit us in booth 818! We'll be fully staffed with our leadership team for the week in Philadelphia and we're ready to bring your target product profiles into reality and keep your projects on schedule. But honestly, there is no need to wait to reach out to us.


If you are ready to chat prior to CPHI, give us a call. We are ready, willing, and able to get things started with your project.


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