December 17, 2023

Maximizing Patient Convenience (and Investment) When Bringing Pre-Filled Syringes to Market

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Seeking a consultative approach when developing any new drug — particularly in the form of a pre-filled syringe — offers pharmaceutical and biological companies a myriad of advantages. To realize those benefits, however, partnering with a CDMO experienced in innovative formulation development and small-scale manufacturing is a wise choice.


In the pharma and biopharma market, it goes without saying that start-up costs can be daunting. Getting it right on the first try can save tens - or even hundreds and thousands of dollars...sometimes even more.


Given the risks, the complexities of the pharmaceutical landscape frequently require a -sound strategy. That being the case, opting for a consultative partnership with an experienced CDMO nearly always proves invaluable when navigating the intricacies of the journey.


In terms of foresight and best practices, Ascendia® Pharmaceuticals is recognized for its tailored approach to meet the specific requirements of each client. We provide benefits that extend far beyond the conventional realms of drug development. In the dynamic landscape of pharmaceutical technology, Ascendia® is at the forefront, pioneering innovative solutions that cater to the evolving market needs. One such groundbreaking offering is Ascendia's expertise in pre-filled syringes, a game-changer with multifaceted advantages.


Greater Buy-In from Patients and Healthcare Providers


Pre-filled syringes hold immense appeal, especially in emergency situations, as well as in safety, accuracy and self-administration settings. Examples that come to mind include pre-filled syringes that help diabetics manage their blood sugar and military medics who must administer life-saving drugs in the field.


Pre-filled syringes are also particularly suitable for pediatric and geriatric applications as they offer ease of administration and (importantly) accurate dosing. Pre-filled injectables are popular with patients, as they save them from having to spend time and money on needless office visits. Injectables also drive down costs for healthcare providers.


All that being true, some pharmaceutical development companies are often at risk of falling into a "check the boxes" development mentality that may or may not bring about the desired results. Ascendia Pharmaceuticals is no such company. We excel at devising strategies that adequately cater individual client needs.


Oversight at Every Stage of the Drug Development Process


First and foremost, our consultative approach fosters a collaborative and tailored development process. Ascendia makes a point of regularly engaging in open dialogues and knowledge-sharing with clients and pharmaceutical consultants and experts. By taking this proactive approach, Ascendia leverages the clients access to a wealth of industry insights.


This collaborative approach enables a more refined understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities associated with a drug formulation and challenges. Such insights empower companies to make informed decisions at early stage of development and manufacturing, including packaging and overall market segment as a pre-filled syringe.


Additionally, Ascendia’s consultative approach significantly mitigates risks associated with drug development, as our scientific team brings extensive experience and expertise to -client’s project. Our scientists - offer strategic guidance and support that help drug development teams navigate regulatory landscapes, anticipate potential hurdles, and optimize cGMP manufacturing processes. This approach to risk management contributes to smoother regulatory approvals, accelerates time-to-market, and minimizes costly setbacks.


Such a cooperative, risk-mitigating nature doesn't just streamline the development process. It also enhances the overall success and sustainability of the product in a competitive pharmaceutical landscape. As companies and investors seek innovative solutions, embracing a consultative strategy emerges as a pivotal factor. It can help unlock the full potential of a new -molecule to market.


Risk-Mitigating Advantages for Project Sponsors


Investors, too, benefit immensely from a consultative strategy as informed decisions are the bedrock for any successful financial decision.


Opting for a team-oriented philosophy provides investors with a comprehensive understanding of the drug's realistic potential within the target market. Thorough assessments of formulation, delivery mechanisms, and market dynamics enable investors to gauge the commercial viability of the pre-filled syringe product.


This enhanced transparency creates a more secure environment, increasing the likelihood of a successful return on investment (ROI). It also illuminates an enthusiastic green light to future drug development projects.


Precision, Safety, and Other Non-Negotiables


Ascendia Pharmaceuticals places a strong emphasis on precision and safety when it comes to the manufacture of pre-filled syringes. The pre-measured doses in syringes ensure accurate administration, with doses falling within a 2% margin, minimizing waste and saving cost.


As always, safety is paramount. Our injectables require careful adherence to instructions, representing a crucial feature, especially in critical situations where accurate usage is essential to saving lives.


Ascendia's groundbreaking enabling platform nanotechnologies are particularly valuable for chronic disease usage, too. It helps optimize formulations so long-acting injectables can be seamlessly packed into pre-filled syringes for commercial products. This versatility addresses the diverse needs of Ascendia's clientele, offering convenience and urgency to patients in need.


Those nanotechnologies also aid in efficiently creating various dosage forms. Our ability to seamlessly transition between vials and pre-filled syringes based on project needs is a testament to our commitment to providing tailored formulation solutions. Ascendia's understanding of life cycle management further enhances the applicability of pre-filled syringes for chronic diseases, providing a reliable and convenient solution for long-term patient care.


Our commitment to excellence extends to our use of all generally recognized as safe (GRAS) materials for pre-filled syringes. The materials we use for existing formulations eliminate the need for additional time and money in the -ideal cases.


These strategic decisions position Ascendia as a frontrunner, regularly attracting projects from Big Pharma and biotech companies seeking a CDMO partner that values efficiency, safety, and cost-effectiveness.


Flexibility and a Consultative Approach: A Winning Combination


Ascendia has been propelling innovation and efficiency in drug development for more than a decade. The advantages offered by Ascendia — precision, safety, strategic material choices, flexibility, and consultative approach — position the company as a leader in meeting the diverse needs of its pre-filled syringe clients.


Ascendia's four technology platforms allows the company to enhance the three main formalization deliverables of bio-availability, solubility, and stability.  Ascendia can decrease the incidence and prevalence of injection site reactions and does it all by utilizing all GRAS materials.


Whether you are embarking on a new project, seeking a partner for life cycle management, or exploring innovative dosage forms, Ascendia is ready to collaborate. Reach out today and unlock the potential of your pharmaceutical projects with Ascendia's expertise in pre-filled syringes!




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