March 12, 2024

Maximizing Opportunities at DCAT Week 2024: A Guide for Biopharma Companies

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DCAT Week 2024, the premier event held annually in New York City for companies engaged in the global bio/pharmaceutical manufacturing value chain, is just around the corner, scheduled for March 18-21. And Ascendia® Pharmaceuticals is once again looking forward to it.


The reason our executive leadership team is so excited is that DCAT Week presents a prime opportunity for them to engage with industry leaders, forge partnerships, and explore avenues for growth in the biopharma niche.


As longstanding veterans of this prestigious event, Ascendia® fully understands the unparalleled advantages of DCAT Week to businesses seeking to expand their horizons in the pharmaceutical landscape.


Ascendia’s Legacy of Engagement


For over 15 years, Ascendia has been an active participant in DCAT Week. This premier global conference transcends traditional trade shows by fostering meaningful discussions and facilitating high-level interactions. In those early days, Ascendia provided its proprietary nanotechnologies to address complex formulations in early-stage development. Today, Ascendia is prepared to speak with DCAT attendees about its expanded services from pre-formulation to commercialization to better serve its clients. This includes a CIP/SIP; 25L/100 L tank with in-line homogenizer from the NETZSCH Group in an ISO 5 cleanroom, and a Precision Nanosystems suite of products that is unmatched by any CDMO in North America for advanced manufacturing.


What sets DCAT Week apart is its evolution from a gathering primarily focused on API manufacturers to a dynamic platform encompassing drug development, licensing opportunities, and global networking.


This unique blend of expertise consistently attracts biopharma decision-makers, C-suite executives, and industry pioneers from across the globe. These unique features make DCAT Week the ultimate venue for strategic collaboration and business advancement.


DCAT Week: Moving Beyond the Exposition Halls


Unlike conventional trade shows, event organizers do not confine DCAT Week to crowded exposition halls bustling with activity. Instead, the event offers a curated experience that emphasizes quality over quantity.


Ascendia's presence at DCAT extends beyond mere booth displays. We are utilizing two dedicated suites at the Intercontinental Barclays Hotel and meticulously schedule meetings to ensure maximum efficiency and engagement.


Regular attendees frequently remark that this format mirrors the intensity of speed dating. Every interaction holds the potential for meaningful partnerships and mutually beneficial outcomes.


At Ascendia, we have invested in DCAT Week since its inception, as we value your time and ours. By ensuring our executive leadership team is on hand, we are prepared to maximize your time with us during DCAT Week.


An Ongoing Commitment to Expanding Ascendia’s Horizons


As DCAT Week approaches, Ascendia is poised to showcase its continued growth and expanded capabilities in the biopharma sector. From doubling our sterile manufacturing facilities to advancing into phase three and commercialization stages, our commitment to innovation and excellence remains unwavering.


We are proud to unveil our precision nano-nanosystem equipment, pivotal in empowering companies to meet and exceed their product profiles in the ever-evolving landscape of cell and gene therapy.


Meet Our Decision-Making Team


At DCAT Week 2024, Ascendia pulls out all the stops. Every year, we send our knowledgeable team of experts, including our founder and CEO, Dr. Jim Huang, and dedicated business development professionals.


With a wealth of experience and industry insight, the Ascendia leadership team stands ready to navigate the complexities of biopharma projects and offer tailored solutions to meet complex needs. Whether you're seeking to initiate collaborations, explore new opportunities, or embark on a transformative journey, our team has prepared itself to guide you every step.


Seize the Opportunity DCAT Week Provides


As we countdown to DCAT Week 2024, the team at Ascendia invites you to schedule a meeting with our representatives and discover how we can help accelerate your biopharma initiatives.


To get started, contact Danni Song, who oversees our business development calendar, to secure your spot on our schedule.


Whether you prefer a face-to-face discussion during the event or a site visit to our facilities, we are committed to facilitating meaningful connections and driving tangible results for your organization.




DCAT Week 2024 is more than just gathering industry professionals; it catalyzes innovation, collaboration, and transformative growth in the biopharma sector.


We gladly invite you to join us at this prestigious event and embark on a journey of exploration and opportunity. Contact Ascendia today to schedule your meeting and unlock the full potential of your biopharma projects with Ascendia by your side.

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