April 10, 2024

Ascendia Pharma Gears Up for CPHI 2024: A Sneak Peek into Innovation


Ascendia Pharma is gearing up for an exciting showcase at CPHI North America, the premier gathering for industry leaders in the drug product and drug substance CDMO space. With a history of attending CPHI events worldwide and in North America, Ascendia Pharma is set to make a significant impact at booth 1110.

With a focus on excellence and collaboration, Ascendia Pharma is poised to engage with industry leaders, experts, and peers to explore groundbreaking ideas and foster meaningful connections. This year's CPHI event promises to be a platform where Ascendia will unveil its cutting-edge technologies, specialized services, and commitment to driving pharmaceutical success.

The conference serves as an ideal backdrop for Ascendia to share its expertise in areas such as custom manufacturing, fine chemicals, intermediates, contract services, APIs, pharmaceutical machinery, technology packaging, biopharmaceuticals, and finished dosage forms. Ascendia Pharma's presence will highlight its expertise in these critical sectors, offering insights into innovative solutions and strategic partnerships.

As industry optimism rises in 2024, Ascendia Pharma is excited to share progress on its high potency suite construction, reflecting its commitment to cutting-edge capabilities. Moreover, the company will be hosting an exclusive happy hour for current and potential customers, providing a unique networking opportunity (let us know if you’re interested).

Don't miss out on Ascendia Pharma's exclusive preview at CPHI 2024, where groundbreaking ideas and industry connections converge to shape the future of pharmaceutical development.




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