Ascendia’s programs are focused on providing our clients with rapid early-stage development services.  Depending on the needs of the specific program, our services can begin with a pre-formulation assessment, including solution-based trial formulations for in-vitro testing.  If a molecule is more advanced, Ascendia® can provide formulation optimization services designed to provide a commercial dosage presentation.  Finally, our programs can conclude with manufacture of cGMP clinical trial materials for a first-in-man study.  The goal of every program is to advance it as quickly as possible to key decision points.

As a specialty CDMO, Ascendia offers expertise in a wide variety of development programs.  We have acquired the capability to work on early-stage formulations of programs as diverse as peptides, high-potency molecules, nano-particles, animal health products, and parenteral dosage forms.  Ascendia prides itself on working on the unique and challenging programs that contribute to the unique selling proposition of our client’s ideas.

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