Ascendia manufactures cGMP clinical batches of both tablet and capsule dosage forms for early-stage clinical studies. For solid dosage formulation, we have the capability to granulate, blend, and roller compact to make tablet batches for immediate release and modified release applications. We have a R&D-scale tablet press suitable for small batch sizes, and can fill capsules if required. All manufacturing operations are conducted in a qualified ISO 7 cleanroom.

Our equipment for manufacturing solid dosage forms includes:

  • Glatt GPCG1 Fluid Bed
  • Qualicap Liquid Capsule Filling Machine F-40
  • Qualicap Capsule Banding Machine: S-100
  • Netzsch Wet Milling Machine: DeltaVita 300 and DeltaVita 60,000
  • Buchi 295 Spray Dryer
  • Freund-Vector Fluid Bed Granulators (4 liter and 45 liter)
  • Vector & O’Hara Labcoat IIX Coating Pans
  • Manesty 16-station Betapress and BB4 bi-layer Tablet Presses
  • Piccola Tablet Press
  • Glatt-Powrex High Shear Granulation
  • Key & Niro High Shear Granulation
  • Quadro Comils
  • V-shaped blending (8 quart, 16 quart, 1 cubic foot, and 3 cubic foot)
  • Bench-top and Floor-scale electronic balances

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