July 7, 2022

Ascendia Pharmaceuticals Included in 2022 United States Life Sciences Report

Ascendia Pharmaceuticals Chief Business Officer Robert Bloder, was featured in the Global Business Report (GBR) United States Life Sciences 2022 report. In the annual look at the pharmaceutical trends and overall market in America, Bloder provided a comprehensive update on Ascendia’s growth, proprietary nano-technologies, and predicts what the year ahead will look like.

Growth of Ascendia

Robert Bloder imageBloder explained that 2021 was a transcendent year for Ascendia Pharmaceuticals. The company had its best year in revenue, bookings, and billings. This is due, in part, to the company’s ability to provide important oncological, cardiovascular and CNS-related services throughout the pandemic.

In parallel with the sales growth, Ascendia doubled its facility size. Employee count grew by 100%, as stated in the article. The North Brunswick facility, is now 60,000 square feet, more than twice its 2020 size, which allows the company to expand its sterile and non-sterile GMP capabilities. Modern equipment is scheduled to be added to the facility beginning in the third quarter, as well.

One reason for the success of Ascendia Pharmaceuticals is its ability to address trends in the pharmaceutical market. For example, its technologies can be used in developing vaccines to help reduce injection site reactions. This is a critical aspect, as reactions can deter people from inoculations and/or follow up treatments.

Additionally, Ascendia technologies are used to encapsulate biologics, peptides, and proteins. The result is better protection of drugs from hostile environments in the gut or other areas of the body. Bloder also explained another area where Ascendia is excelling is formulations used in drugs for the elderly and children.

Nano-technologies Solve Complex Formulations

The three proprietary nano-technologies developed by Ascendia – EmolSol®, AmorSol®, and NanoSol® – were also discussed in the GBR annual report.

Bloder conveyed an example in which its EmolSol proved instrumental in developing an injectable form of clopidogrel. Considered the preeminant method to treat acute coronary syndrome, clopidogrel has only been commercially available as a solid oral drug. Using EmolSol, the Ascendia team formulated a free-base clopidogrel form into a stable nano-emulsion to create an injectable delivery. The result is a product that is used when a patient is choking or has a compromised airway. It also has an onset of action in minutes compared to five hours for the oral dosage.

The GBR interview also included how AmorSol yields products with enhanced bioavailability, reduced food-effect, faster onset of action, and controlled release of poorly soluble drugs. Bloder also spoke of Ascendia’s third nano-technology – NanoSol. It is used to control stability in solutions and droplets for a longer period and significantly increase the surface area available for dissolution. Ascendia believes NanoSol is a technology with multiple benefits in the ocular space, according to Bloder.

Crystal Ball on the Future

At the conclusion of the article, Bloder was asked about the long-term for Ascendia Pharmaceuticals. He believes the company will continue on its upward trajectory by maintaining its BEST (Brilliant technology, Excellent service, Superior quality, and Trust) philosophy. Past success with customers will also spearhead growth. Ascendia continues to be a more vital collaborator in their strategic plans, creating avenues to be part of future projects. In the coming year, Ascendia will continue to develop sterile technology for vaccines, proteins, peptides, and biologics, stated Bloder.

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The United States Life Sciences 2022 report continues the commitment of GBR to provide current and first-hand information for global business decision makers. It publishes reports that help companies understand and expand their markets, improve their sourcing chain, target investments, and discover trends. GBR covers all aspects of the pharmaceutical market,

The GBR interview only scratches the surface of Ascendia’s technologies and ability to develop solutions for the most difficult drug formulations. Learn more by scheduling a meeting.

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