July 20, 2021

Ascendia Pharma to Highlight How to Make Insoluble Soluble During CPhI North America

Ascendia Pharma is attending CPhI North America in Philadelphia, from August 10-12. In its booth (#1508), the leading specialty pharmaceutical CDMO will highlight its nanotechnologies and how its experienced team utilizes its BEST philosophy to make the Insoluble Soluble. Contact us today to schedule a meeting with our management and scientific teams during the conference.

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Visitors to the booth will learn how Ascendia has a proven track record of helping drug development teams at bio/pharmaceutical companies, as well as generic drug and biosimilar companies advance the best possible versions of their molecules and formulations.


Rapid, Successful Transition of Compounds

Ascendia develops tailored formulation solutions to ensure a rapid, successful transition of compounds from preclinical to the clinic. An experienced team of expert scientists work as a partner to provide custom sterile- and non-sterile-enabling formulations, along with analytical methods for new chemical entities, complex dosage forms, and 505(B)(2) product development, as well as OTCs and nutraceuticals.

BEST Approach

Visit booth #1508 during CPhI North America to learn about the Ascendia BEST philosophy (Brilliant technology, Excellent service, Superior quality, and Trust). It is an approach that has proven to help drugs be developed on time and within budget – regardless of the challenges they pose.

Visitors will also hear about Ascendia’s suite of nanoparticle products – NanoSol® (nanosuspension), AmorSol® (amorphous nanoparticles), and EmulSol® (nanoemulsion). These proprietary technologies are used synergistically to help overcome complex drug development obstacles. Ascendia’s experienced team can develop all dosage forms for new product development and GMP clinical trial materials (CTM).

Achieve Your Goals

Let’s talk about your goals and objectives, from drug development and market penetration to corporate growth. We will then work with you to execute rapid, comprehensive, and cost-effective programs to help you achieve them by providing development and analytical testing services.

Reserve a meeting with our management team by sending us an email at bd@ascendiapharma.com or call us at 732.640.0058. You can also visit booth #1508 at your convenience while you are at CPhI North America.

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