February 26, 2021

Analytical Testing Outsourcing Feature Highlights Ascendia Services

Ascendia Pharmaceuticals was included in a Special Feature on outsourcing analytical testing published by Drug Development & Delivery, a leading pharmaceutical trade media company. Muhammad Asif, PhD, Executive Director, Analytical R&D and Quality Control for Ascendia, was quoted extensively in the article.

Ascendia’s in-house LC-MS, HPLC-CAD (Corona Aerosol Detection), and HPLC-ECD (Electro­chemical Detection) testing services were highlighted, helping to position Ascendia as a premier contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO). The article discusses how our new highly sensitive CAD (Charge Aerosol Detector) has universal applications and advantages over traditional detec­tion techniques for compounds that lack chromophores.

ICP-MS analysis services offered by Ascendia through a partner are included in the Special Feature, as well. Due to heightened concern about metal ions safety, highly sensitive ICP analysis makes for tighter controls. It is possible to gain a better understand­ing of metabolic pathways for drug candidates, as a result.

API Analytical Support Mechanism

Ascendia’s strong analytical support mechanism for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) manufacturers is described. The mechanism provides the impurity identification service and method development and validation for final drug substances, and intermediates. It also allows for in-process controls to ensure that a mistake is caught before unnecessary time and finances are invested to complete the manufacturing cycle. They also help establish Quality by Design parameters to build quality into the manufacturing process, resulting in a better and consistently high purity drug substance.

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