July 2, 2020

Ascendia’s Technologies Featured in Outsourcing Formulation Development & Manufacturing Special Report

Leading pharmaceutical media company Drug Development & Delivery published its annual outsourcing report. In the yearly roundup, founder and CEO Jim Huang, PhD, explained Ascendia’s tailored formulation approaches that leverage the company’s nanotechnology platforms – NanoSol, EmulSol, and AmorSol. The technologies are used to formulate biological therapeutic entities that can help address delivery issues associated with solubility, stability, and permeability of drugs under development.

As explained in the special report, Ascendia’s oral and injectable business has grown because of the three technologies’ versatility in small and large molecules. Dr. Huang also outlined a case in which the patented technologies delivered large molecules orally by enhancing GI stability and permeability.

The client approached Ascendia with a peptide that has a high molecular weight for administration orally. Three delivery challenges – solubility, permeability, and GI stability – had to be overcome by the Ascendia team. Using EmulSol, a dramatic improvement in bioavailability of the peptide in animal models was achieved to enable further development of the project by oral route.

You can read the entire special report at Drug Development & Delivery.



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