April 29, 2020

Ascendia Joins the Fight Against COVID-19

Ascendia Pharmaceuticals is proud to announce that it is engaged in multiple collaborations to develop and prepare injectable, inhalation, and oral formulations to combat the coronavirus crisis.

Founder and CEO Dr. Jim Huang said, “We are very excited to apply our technologies to develop medicines for COVID-19, and are extremely proud of our colleagues for their dedication and professionalism. Most importantly, they are practicing social distancing to stay safe, while maintaining business continuity to meet the demands of our clients and to exceed their expectations by making the impossible, possible.”

In related news, Dr. Huang was included in a Vivacelle Bio press release. The U.S. biotechnology firm that develops products for critically ill patients, will make VBI-S, an experimental drug, available for use in COVID-19 patients, according to the release.


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