Dosage Form Development

The selection of a final dosage form is driven by the project’s commercial needs, and properties of the drug substance. Ascendia offers a range of final dosage form options for our client’s development projects.

For oral dosage formulation, we have the capability to granulate, blend, roller compact, and compression to make tablet batches for immediate release and modified release applications. We can fluid-bed coat particles and provide small capsule batches for controlled release products. We can provide taste-masked pediatric formulations, including suspensions and orally disintegrating tablets.

For parenteral formulations, we have the capability to produce nano-emulsions using high shear homogenization or microfluidization. We manufacture nano-particles using ball milling or high-shear homogenization techniques. These formulations can be administered as permanent suspensions for injection, or we have the capability to lyophilize if physical stability is an issue and thus provide powders for reconstitution.

For topical formulations we can formulate solutions, creams, or ointments for application to the skin or mucous membranes. Our nano-emulsions are suitable for ophthalmic drop application to the eye or for skin application. We can manufacture suspensions for nasal sprays.

Let Ascendia help you determine what the best final dosage form option is for your pharmaceutical development project.
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