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Ascendia is a specialty pharmaceutical company dedicated to developing enhanced formulations of existing drug products, and enabling formulations for pre-clinical and clinical stage drug candidates. Ascendia provides state-of-the-art formulation development solutions for poorly water soluble molecules, and cGMP manufacture of clinical trial materials. Applying its nano-particle technologies and pharmaceutical development expertise, Ascendia can rapidly assess the feasibility of a broad array of formulation options in order to improve a drug’s solubility and bioavailability. Our technologies include nano-emulsions, amorphous solid dispersions, oral controlled release, self-emulsifying drug delivery systems (SEDDs) and production of nano-particles.

We execute rapid, comprehensive, and cost-effective programs for our partners. We partner with emerging, discovery-stage pharmaceutical companies to provide early-stage formulations; with generic companies that seek enabling technology for ANDA co-development projects; and with specialty pharmaceutical companies that need development of new 505(b)(2) products for clinical testing.
Ascendia's headquarters, laboratories and manufacturing suites are located in central New Jersey, and the company also has a facility in Xiamen, China to serve formulation development needs of the Chinese market. Ascendia is a privately-held company with a mission to provide customized formulation solutions to salvage difficult compounds and to create advanced medicines to help patients prevail over their disease and enhance their quality of life.
Ascendia Pharmaceuticals specializes in the invention and development of specialty pharmaceutical products and novel formulation technologies.

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Dr. Huang founded Ascendia in 2012. He previously worked in pharmaceutical R&D and management at Pfizer, Baxter, AstraZeneca, and Roche.

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